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Bus Driver (35)

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TitleBus Driver
Posting ID35

Job Description Code: 4B.150

Division/Department: School Operations

Pay Grade: TR Salary Schedule

Pay Type: Salaried; Non-Exempt

Retirement: PSE

Contract Work Year: 182 Days

Reports To:  Director, Transportation and/or Coordinator, Routing

Evaluation Instrument:  BEI


Valid Georgia Class B CDL Drivers License with S & P endorsements.

Ensure safe transportation for students.


  • Provide safe and proper transportation for eligible students assigned by the Division of Transportation.
  • Properly conduct pre/post-trip inspections.
  • Properly use appropriate lights and/or warning signals.
  • Follow proper procedures for loading, unloading, crossing highways, securing staff and assuring all students are safely away from the bus before continuing on route.
  • Properly maneuver bus including backing and using mirrors.
  • Assist in safety training for all students on assigned route.
  • Transport bus for established maintenance schedule.
  • Properly greet students.
  • Demonstrate proper use of seat belts.
  • Maintain proper speed limits, and obey all posted signs.
  • Properly follow procedures at R/R crossings.
  • Maintain control of student behavior.
  • Maintain positive attitude and enthusiasm in a professional manner.
  • Dress neat and appropriately.
  • Medical requirements to qualify for bus driver including successful completion of a physical.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the job, use of good mature judgement and enthusiasm about job.
  • Demonstrate proper care of bus, including cleanliness, checking fluid levels, etc.
  • Communicate and establish positive relationship with students, parents and school administrators.
  • Provide all route information, accident reports and other information to the Transportation Department.
  • Attend all in-service safety meetings as required.
  • Possess and maintain valid and appropriate license, certificate and/or credential as may be required for this position.
  • Follow work scheduling and attendance requirements in a regular, predictable and punctual manner.
  • Participate in training programs to increase skills and proficiency related to the assignment.
  • Review current developments, literature and technical source information related to job responsibilities.
  • Ensure adherence to good safety procedures.
  • Follow federal and state laws, as well as School Board policies.
  • Perform other duties as required.


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Fringe Benefits
FICA is paid by the employee and matched by the School District. Temporary workers do not qualify for employee benefits.

Adopted: April 20, 2000
Revised: March 2004, July 2008, April 2011, May 2015, February 2017, July 2019


Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year

Applications Accepted

Start Date05/01/2024

Job Contact

NameAngie GoffTitleCoordinator of Transportation